Mature-Rated Works

Team, 03-16-2007

Mature-Rated Fiction

"Mature-Rated" stories contain adult material that is not appropriate for readers under 17. Each author rates their own stories and is responsible for the rating system that they use. The Stargate Fan Awards will not have a separate section for these works this year. We will, however, do our best to label all mature works so that the viewer will be fully aware that they are entering an adult area. We are currently investigating the most effective way to accomplish this either through text highlighting or warning postings for each link to a mature-rated work.

NOTE: Many web sites contain both adult and non-adult works. The Stargate Awards team will not label links for non-adult stories that are located on a web site with adult content. Mature works, not always sexual in nature, can be found throughout the awards areas including Gen, Ship, Slash, Femslash, and Multimedia. Mature works may have graphically sexual or violent scenes.

Please review our content policy for more information and disclaimers.

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