How-To Nominate

Team, 03-16-2007

How to Nominate

1. Nominations will be accepted via the online form only.

2. A valid nomination submission must include:

3. You will not have to figure out which category the fan work should be placed. Just find your favorite fan works, and fill out the easy form.

4. The author/artist will place their work for us. After all, they know best where their work should go.

5. When you are finished, click the "Preview" button.

6. If you are happy with your nomination, press the "Submit" button. If not, press the "Edit" button to correct it.

Note: We strongly suggest that you print the "Preview" screen so you can keep track of what you have nominated. If you submit duplicate nominations for the same work, we may delete all of your nominations.

7. You may nominate as many times as you want to during the nomination period but you can only submit one nomination per form.

Remember, the author/artist can only have 10 works placed in the awards. Be kind to them by NOT submitting everything they've ever written. They will have to cull down to ten total and it isn't an easy job to do that.

8. Barring any disqualifications, limitations, or author/artist personal requests, each nomination will be included in the awards. We don't require a certain number of nominations for the work to be accepted.

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