Team, 03-16-2007


Campaigning is asking people to nominate or vote for specific works, whether they're yours or someone else's works.

To avoid campaigning, please follow the simple guidelines below:

  1. ... say "please vote for X", even in the context of letting people know something has been nominated.

  2. ... directly solicit nominations and/or votes for any fan work.
  1. ... post recommendations, including recommendations from the nomination lists.

  2. ... tell people about the Awards, including posting URLs to the awards site.

  3. ... let people know you have been nominated.

  4. ... thank people for their support.

  5. ... tell people which fan works you intend to vote for.
Any form of campaigning, whether it's asking friends and family to vote for you, posting to mailing lists, message boards, livejournals, or anything else, will be considered cheating and anyone caught doing this will be disqualified from the Awards.

this content item is from 2008 Stargate Fan Awards
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