Ballot Stuffing

Team, 03-16-2007

Ballot Stuffing

Ballot stuffing can take several forms, and all of them are against the rules of the Awards. We perform extensive security checks during the nomination and voting phases. While we realize that free email addresses are easy to get, we don't rely only on email addresses to determine cheating.

Ballot stuffing wastes the time of the awards team and lowers the credibility of the winners. We operate a zero-tolerance policy. Anyone who participates in ballot stuffing will lose nominating and voting privileges. If an author or artist is ballot stuffing, we will also remove all of their works from the awards.

To avoid ballot stuffing, please follow the simple guidelines below:

  1. ... vote several times using the same or different email addresses. You get one vote per person, not one vote per address you invent. One warm body with one head, two hands and two eyes = one vote.

  2. ... get several people together and send in votes for the work(s) of only one person. If you're not interested in the other stories in the area, don't vote. A small number of single-author votes will be permitted by the team, but too many will be considered ballot stuffing. Your friend will not thank you if you get him/her disqualified.

  3. ... ask your sister and all her friends, and all their friends, to vote for someone.

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