How-To Place Nominations (Nominees)

Kelly, 07-29-2007

How-To Place Nominations (Nominees)

For most of you, this guide will be unnecessary. We've all completed forms before and clicked our way through various websites and forums until we find what we need. Regardless of your internet prowess, please take a quick look at this detailed guide so you'll know what's in it... just in case. We spent a lot of time developing it after all!


  • Log in using the username and password that were emailed to you. You can access the login screen via the home page.

  • The easiest way to get the password correct is to copy it from your email message and paste it into the password field on the login screen. Be sure that you only copy the password. Don't leave in any trailing spaces or the system will see that as an incorrect password.

Edit Profile
  • Go to Profile by clicking the link on the top-left navigation bar.

  • Click on 'Click here to update your information' using the link on the bottom of the screen.

  • Please leave your username and display name unchanged - this account has been created solely for the placement of your nominations and will not be used for voting.

  • Change your password to something that you can easily remember. Type a new password and verify that password by typing it again on the "Re-type New Password" line.

  • Correct your email address if necessary.

  • Optional - Type in the rest of your information if you desire.

  • Save your changes by clicking on the Save Settings button at the bottom of the screen.

Place Nominations
  • Click Place Nominations using the link on the left navigation bar.

  • You will see all of your nominations listed., with the option to view the details by clicking on the plus sign found beneath each nomination.

Deleting Entries

  • To delete an entry, click the delete button (red 'x') to the right of the entry that you want to remove from the database. You will receive a confirmation screen asking if you really want to delete this entry. Click yes to delete the entry.

  • Warning: Deleting an entry is permanent! The nomination is removed from our database and will not be placed in the awards. We cannot retrieve deleted nominations! Please be very careful when deleting entries.

Editing Entries: You MUST edit every one of your nominations. Failure to do so by March 31st, 2009 will result in the nomination being deleted from the awards.

  • To place your entry, click the edit button (blue notepad icon) to the right of the entry that you want to change.

  • Here is where you will place your work by providing details such as Penname, Title, URL, Email Address, Completion Status of the Work (WIPs are not accepted), Ratings, Characters, Warnings, etc., as well as marking your agreement to the Awards Rules.

  • Note: All fields with an asterix (*) are required.

  • Note: If your piece is rated R or NC-17, you MUST select the appropriate warnings. These are considered 'adult' works and must have listed warnings to be placed in the awards.

  • Detailed explanations of each field are given below.

  • Click the Save and Edit Categories button to save your entries and move to the next placement screen.

  • Select at least one Category from the series of drop-down menus, and then click the Submit button to save your modifications to the database.

  • Congratulations! This entry has been placed. To view your placement details for accuracy, simply click on the + sign beside 'View details.' To make any changes, just repeat the earlier steps.

  • Remember - all nominations must be placed before March 31st, 2009, or they will be deleted.

TitleEnter the title of your work. Please check spelling and capitalizations for accuracy. DO NOT use all capital letters.

URLEnter your preferred location for this work. Use the http:// at the beginning of the web address. Please link directly to your nomination, and not to an index page. All nominees must have an individual address.

Note: Test your URL to be sure that it works! Nominations with broken links will be removed from the awards!

Nomination StatusOnly completed works can participate in the awards. Please check the box indicating that your nominated work is complete. If it isn't complete, you MUST delete the nomination.

RatingAppropriate content level of your story (G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17)

Main CharactersSelect your main characters. Character options include "team" and "other". Use "other" when your character isn't in the list and name your character in the "additional comments" section.

WarningsWarnings are related to ratings. They use words to describe specific criteria within the work which help to explain the choice in ratings.

Note: Works rated "R" or "NC-17" MUST have listed warnings!

Comments for TeamEnter any additional information that may help in determining your entry's placement such as the names of any "other" characters in your work not listed above.

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