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in About the Awards

A Short History

It began as a discussion on Gateway; Azpou (Mel) had just been nominated in the Golden O's and wanted to see a similar awards scheme for Stargate. Morgan agreed to try it if enough people would volunteer for the team. So it started out with a four member team, all femslash from Gateway; Morgan, Mel, Kangaruth, and Linsey (Indehed).

They agreed early on that they wanted to cover the whole of the fandom, not just slash fic. This led them to invite Bev Woolf, whom Morgan knew from FFSupport, and Denise (from Gateworld) to join the team. The awards were launched in May 2001.

Immediately they received a barrage of complaints, mostly between the slash and the '
Relationship' fans on definitions. The 2001 Awards went pretty well...right up to the announcement of the results, which was actually scheduled for September 12. Well, after Sept 11, 2001, no one was in a very award-ish mood, so the awards delayed a couple of weeks.

As they began preparing for the 2002 Awards, rumors began circulating about Michael Shanks leaving the show. As you know, all hell broke loose in the fandom at that point. The team did their best to ignore it and forge onward as usual. The only new category was "quirky".
(mot) joined the team.

In 2003, the team did their first actual "recruitment": previously, joining the awards team had been on and invitation-only basis. To this day, two members that were in that first batch of recruits are the only remaining ‘original’ team members from that time, Shane and Shazz!This was also the first time the team took a serious look at the categories and started splitting them up by pairing, and it was the first year that they received a good range of fiction in both the nominations and the winners.

In 2004, the team issued their first feedback survey after the awards. The point of the survey was not only get actual feedback on the awards, but to gather evidence to illustrate to the critics of the awards that the team couldn’t possibly please everyone.

In 2005, the awards added Atlantis. At the end of the 2005 awards, Morgan resigned as Web mistress, handing over to Kelly, the team’
s technical guru, and she is the ‘owner’ of the awards to this day.

In 2006, based on the 2005 survey, the new team took a hard look at what the fans were saying, and did their best to incorporate the suggestions. That year also brought forth a new way of nominating and voting; fans were asked to create a login and the nominations were unlimited; the non-voting fans could not nominate, but could still read the nominations.

In 2007, the team has made more changes to the awards, constantly striving to make them better and to serve the fandom the team all loves. It’s an amazing group to folks. Somehow Gen folks, Ship folks, Slash folks, and Media folks all manage to get a long, everyone driven by a love of all things Stargate. As always, recognizing, celebrating, and enjoying the creativity of the Stargate fandom!

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