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Ineligible Multimedia: Vids
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Ineligible Multimedia: Videos

18 Til I Die by Tegan Farnham
24 by Phrenitis
24 by Lilas
Angels from the Ashes by Lena_and_Christina
At the Beginning by Sache8
Bohemian by Derry
Bohemian Like You by shalott
Cartoon Heroes by Mamoru
Darker Star by Jamieson
Defiant One by Ishaira
Eight Years On by brihana25
End of Dreams by Clarity
Enter Sandman by Mercury's Winter and Mercury's Nephew
Fields of Innocence by Glenda
For Kids of All Ages by Suz
For What It's Worth by Hoodat
Galaxy Defenders by Brihana25_and_Ms_3M
Ghostbusters by Starrylizard
Hands by Sache8
He Was A Friend of Mine by darcy
Here Without You by Arnise
Hero by Anise
Hero's Consequence by afterThought
Holding Out For A Hero by Nel
Hot Rod Lincoln by OneofAradia
I Can't Be Your Friend by OneofAradia
I Want You to Want Me by ohshocking
Jezebel by Suz
John Sheppard: Intergalactic Man of Mystery by Derry
Jolene by Zoe_Rayne
Lights by Marimba
Lonely Day by JennMiller
Losing My Religion - REM by Beth (stargatesg1971)
Me and You (or You and Me?) by brihana25
Michael's Song by Sache8
Mighty Men by Skater
Move Along by kitakatzz
Mr Jones (& Me) by Derry
My Heart Will Go On by Dragonfly
My Immortal by Callea Veda
My Immortal by Ximeria
Only One by Mamoru
Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps by ElvenWolf
Pinky And The Brain by Felar
Pretty Fly For A Jedi by Davechicken
Rebel by Derry
Remember When it Rained by Athenaktt
Replay by Mabinogi
Sibling Rivalry by Brihana
STARGATE SG1 by dragonfly
Stress by Rachael_and_Sandy
SuperFord by Jamieson
Superman by Beth
Tarzan by Reyclou
The End Of The World As We Know It by Davechicken
The Lucky One by Sache8
The Memory Book by LoveConquers
The Stargate Cantina by brihana25
There You'll Be by Marimba
Things I've Seen by Jackrubberduckie
This One's for the Girls by Deanie
We Want Your Soul by Martouf_Marty
Welcome Home by kanzeyori
Who Wants To Live Forever by Rhian
When I Grow Up by kitakatzz
With a Little Help from My Friends by RocketChick
You and Me by Sirnonenath
Zero to Hero by OneofAradia

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