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Ineligible Fic by Title: N-Z
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Ineligible Fiction, Title: N-Z

This listing does not include:

  • Non-English works
  • Banned authors
  • Non-participating authors

Naked Truths by Maureen_Thayer
Nearing Wichita by Otter
Never Know by Sage_Theory
New Home by L E McMurray
New Year's Resolution by Sally Reeve
Newcomer by Meesh
Night Terrors by Sally Reeve & Marcy
Night Voices by Rowan Darkstar
Nishta Series by Suz
No More Butterflies by dragonfly
No Place Like Home by Rowan Darkstar
No, Thank You, John by Widget
Noise by salieri
Not Letting Him Down by Su Freund
Nothing Important Happened Today by Tripoli

Objectives by Lady of Shallot
Obvious by Anais
Of Wontons and Wookies by Kate_McCaye
On The Back Of The Tiger by Otter
Once Upon A Time in Moscow by Commodore_Norrington
One Equal Temper by DrDredd
One Last Kiss by RocketChick
Only Human by Carrie
Only One Day by Cofax
Orpheus Ascending by AC
Outside the Lines by Annerb
Overtime by SG1Fanfic

Paradise Redeemed by Sue Corkill
Passages of Time by Elaine Stouse
Paternal Instincts by Sideburns
Pattern Recognition by Pooh
Perchance to Dream by momoftoad
Perfect Partners by Wendy Parkinson
Perfidy by Sunrise
Perspective by Brenda Antrim
Pillow Talk by HyperCaz
Plus ca Change by Livengoo
Points In Time by Brenda Anders
Prestidigitation by Otter
Priceless by Nancy_Richardson
Private Dancer by Lady_Grey
Prodigal Son by Biblio

Queen by Xanthe
Queen of the Amazons by SelDear
Quiet Strength by Dangermouse

Reap What Is Sown by Karibou
Reconstructing Trust by SGC Gategirl
Red Harvest by Yum
Redux by danVers
Reflection by ELG
Reflections by Jenn Shatterpath and A. Magiluna Stormwriter (aka AJ Stormwriter)
Reflections of You by sideburns
Remember Me? by Wendy Parkinson
Research by Livi2Jack
Resolution by nanda
Revelations by Anunnaki
Revolution by Sideburns
Ripples by ELG
River Of Lost Souls by Charli Booker and Gallagater
Rock, Toilet Paper, Scissors by Tallulah_Rasa
Rocky Top Wine by Charli Booker and Gallagater
Rocky Top Wine, Part Deux by Charli Booker and Gallagater
Role Reversal by Tricia Byrne
Room 27 by Pepe
Room 4 by Pepe
Rules of Evidence by Komos

Sam Carter's Diary by Wendy Parkinson
Sam I Am by Dorothy Marley
Scars by Jmas
Scenes from a Lesser War by amireal
Sceptics and Believers by Michelle Birkby
Scientist, Wraith Killer, Space Pilot by Koschka
Scrabble by Kalimyre
Second Chance Series by Debi_C
Second Chances by JoaG & Darcy
Seeking Home by Rowan_Darkstar
Semiprecious by Suz
Separation Anxiety by ELG
Servi-1XY13 by Sideburns
Shades of Dark and Light by JayEm
Shadow Hide in Twilight by Gallagater
Shattered by Rowan Darkstar
Shed Your Skin by Jenn
Sheppard Moon by Tipper
Shower Scenes by Scribe
Siege by Seanchaidh
Sierra Hotel by Charli Booker
Silent Memories by JoaG
Sinner's Grove by Martha
Sleepers by Alli Snow
Sleepover by Danvers
Slipping by Komos
Slipping by Rowan Darkstar
Slow Dances by Gail Delaney
Small Favors by Eve8
Something Worth Hiding by Sally Reeve
Somewhere I Have Never Travelled by Brighid
Speak No Evil by casspeach
Stardust by Kikkimax/Roxie
Steady State by liketheriver
Steak Series by Keiko Kirin
Still by The_Grrrl_and_chelle
Still by Pru
Still Waters 9: Only Human by Denise
Strategic Differences by Jb
Stuck in Complicated Simplicity or a Closet by ALC_Punk
Subjugation by Brenda Antrim
SuperGeek by Koschka
Supporting Rumors by Jackie_ONeill_Nut
Surface Tension by Salieri
Surface Tension by Sally Reeve
Surrogate Father by Maureen_Thayer
Surviving by Strix_Varia
Suspense by Biblio
Sympathetic Magic by nostalgia

Tangent: Coming Home by JayEm
Tape by Tripoli
Taps by Gail Delaney
Taste by Zorb
Teamwork by Magus_Minor
Teleios (Perfect) by Sazz
Temptation by Shiaw_Mei_Mei
Ten-Thousand Suns by Strix_Varia
Tested Loyalty by Celeste Tyroll
Tether by Harriet
Tether by nanda
That Do Re Mi by chelle
That First Kiss by Anise
That Which Is Broken by Sholio
The Ancient Air Series by RocketChick
The Appearance of Objects in Depth by Komos
The Asgard Sequence by Gumnut
The Barista Series by dietcokechic
The Basic Ingredients to Romance: Stargate Style by ?er SG-1 Fan?
The Battle Royal by Tiv'ester
The Bee-Charmer by Hth
The Birthday Present by momoftoad
The Birthday Present by Suz
The Blue Jell-O Metaphor by Jennghis Kahn
The Bonds of Friendship by SGCGateGirl
The Box of Dreams by babs
The Care and Feeding of a CO by Domenika_Marzione
The City In The Sea by Kodiak_Bear_Country
The Company We Keep by Blaze
The Cost of a Used Spaceship by Marie Blackpool
The Day Before the Morning After by Shiaw_Mei_Mei
The Devil Denied by BadgerGater
The Dirt Of Sowing And Reaping by Salieri
The Discovery by BadgerGater
The End Of The Line by Sally Reeve
The End Of The World As We Rising? by Anise
The First Ten Years by Little Red
The General Jack Series: Year One by Flatkatsi
The Gift by Aeryn
The Gift by ELG
The Grapevine by Vanessa Nichols
The Hardest Words by Pepe
The Legend of Daniel Jackson by Sam Walker
The Light Letters by Sue Corkill and Wendy Parkinson
The Long And Winding Yellow Brick Road by Sideburns
The Long Road Home by BadgerGater and jla
The Lotus Eaters by Biblio
The Many Shades of Night by Sharon Nuttycombe
The Matchmaker by kikkimax
The Measure Of A Hero by Denise
The Mighty Quinn - Manfred Mann by MartoufMarty
The Nature Of Best Friends by Layton Colt?
The Odyssey by Carhop
The Once And Future Goon? by? Koschka
The Other Side Of The Coin by Nicci
The Otherworld by Sally Reeve and Erika Kendall
The Pacific Rim by Melyanna
The Patient by Suz
The Pegasus Galaxy Presents: George Romero's Alice in Wonderland by Domenika_Marzione
The Physician’s Desk Reference to Geeks and Goons by likethekoschka
The Price of Knowledge by Jennifer Lyon and Graculus
The Price of Secrecy by Denise
The Quality Of Mercy by ELG
The Reality of Dreams (PG-13 Version) by Maureen_Thayer
The Ripple Effect by Denise
The Ripple Effect by Jo. R
The Rites of Hedona by Jennghis_Kahn
The Road From Nadir by Rebecca Preen
The Road To Nevada by Lamardeuse
The Search by Debi C
The Secret Life of Scientists by Julad
The Seven Days Series Part 1 / Part 2 by dietcokechick
The Snowflake Cotillion by Sue Corkill
The Stargate Cantina by brihana25
The Steps Series by Ruth M. King
The Sunray Inn by Pepe
The Sword And The Sickle by Charli_Booker
The Table in Stories From the Table by Debi C, CelticAngel, devra, JoaG, et al
The Things For Love (3) by Shiaw Mei Mei
The Thousand Word Series by Rocketchick
The Ties That Bind by AC
The Trench by Tipper
The Twelve Days of Christmas by Elizabeth Wired
The Twelve Days Of Christmas By Jack O'Neill by Debi C
The Water Moon by Salieri
The Weather Outside by Doc
The Widowing Field by Sunrise
The Wind Beneath My Wings by Dragonfly
The Wine of Dionysus by ELG
The World According to Rover Series by Orithain_and_Rina
The Worst Hallucination Ever by Kate_McCaye
There Is A Pain So Utter by Pough
There Is A Season by Kalimyre and Darcy
Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead by Speranza
Thirty Days by Geonn
This Cannot Be Happening by Jojo
Three by Moonshayde
Three Fates by auburn_and_eretria
Three Men And A Little Theoretical Astrophysicist by ReganX
Threshold Missing Scene by Lex
Through a Glass Darkly by Apocrypha
Thyself, Unknown by MissAnnThropic
Tide Pool by Brionhet
Time in a Bottle by shalott
Tolerance For Lies by Rowan Darkstar
Too Much by Rowan Darkstar
Too Strong by Gail_Delaney
Tools Of The Trade by Gallagater
Tough Kid by Fabrisse
Transcendental by Shalott
Trajectory by Xander
Trilithons by SelDear
Trinkets Series by Denise
Triptych by liketheriver
True to Form by Jb
Turning Tables by AC
Turning The Page by The Grrrl
Twenty Four Hours With a Rodneysaur by maryavatar
Twilight by Gail Delaney
Two Sides of the Coin by Dith
Two Weeks by chelle & The Grrl

Unbearable Luminosity by overstars
Undercurrents by ELG
Understandings and Misunderstandings by Su Freund
Unexpectedly by Shane_Vansen
Unfit for Command by Doc
Unforeseen Circumstances by SGC Gategirl
Unhappily Ever After by Suz
Unreasonable by Dith
Untitled by troyswann
Upset, Upended, and Upgraded by Pink Rabbit Productions

Variegated Grey by PhoenixE
Vindication (or, Paybacks are Hell) by Brenda Anders
Visits by Joy
Voyeur by Joy

Wait For Me by Sideburns
Warm And Safe And Dry by NotTasha
Warning by Resonant
Watching and Hoping by Denise
Weary by jennamajig
Welcome to the Broca Subdivision by Pink Rabbit Productions
What Doesn't Kill You by Denise
What Happens in the Clubhouse by skoosiepants
What I See by Miera
What is Essential by babs & JoaG
What Lies Beneath by Alli Snow
What Remains Behind by AC
What Rough Beast by quercus
What Was And What Is by Ruralstar
What Will It Take? by SG1 Fanfic
What's In A Name? by PhoenixE
Wheels by Brighid
When Angels Fall by Pagan Twilight
When Destiny Calls by Robin_K
When In Rome by Sylvia
When Tomorrow Comes? by DustDevil
Where Did All the Physics Go? by amireal
Where The Hell Were You? by brihana25
Where There's Smoke by Quinn
Whispered Promises by Pink Rabbit Productions
White Out by Lyta
Who Wants to Live Forever by Sideburns
Who We Are by Brenda Antrim
Willemakee by Mary Jane
Wings of Change by JoaG
Worlds Apart by JoaG
Wrong Turn by Brionhet

Zapped by JoaG

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