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Ineligible Fic by Title: A-M
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Ineligible Fiction, Title: A-M

This listing does not include:

  • Non-English works
  • Banned authors
  • Non-participating authors

2001 by Sally Reeve
2010 - The Rest of the Story by Stargazer
A Beautiful Lifetime Event by Shalott
A Beautiful Mind by SG1Fanfic
A Better Fate by chelle
A Bird In The Hand Gets Tangled In Sheets by The Grrrl
A Brief Moment by Tracy
A Case of Nerves by Ted Sadler
A Change of Scenery by Miera
A Daniel Jackson Christmas by Lady Grey
A Deadly Legacy by Sally Reeve and Marcy
A Final Awakening by Smittywing
A Heart For Every Fate by Destina Fortunato
A Helping Hand by Sue Corkill
A Kiss Is Just A Kiss by Devra
A Lapse Of Gravity by shalott
A Life Lived by Sideburns
A Lifetime by Sideburns
A Maneuvering Business by Christi
A Mother's Love by Janissima
A Mournful Rustling by Otter
A Night at the Opera by SelDear
A Part of This by Miera
A Promise Made, a Promise Kept by Shane_Vansen
A River In Egypt by Mice
A Second Chance by Sally Reeve
A Slip Of Metal by Lady_Grey
A Stargate Prayer by Relic1979
A Taste of Home by Miera
A Thousand Words for Oops by Teand
A Time To Keep by Sue Corkill
Accommodating Daniel by Pepe
After This by Otter
Aftermath by ocean gazer
Afternoon Delight by Little Red
Afterwards by Jacquelyn Smith
Alis Volat Propris by Melyanna
All Debts Repaid by BadgerGater
All That Is And Isn't by cgb
All The Pens That Ever Poets Held by Dorothy Marley
Alliance of the Heart by Maureen Thayer
Alone in your mind by James_Walkswithwind
Alone On a Wide Wide Sea by Flatkatsi
Along The Way by Azar
Always by Gail Delaney
Always the Doctor by Wendy Parkinson
An Echo of Freedom by Quinn
And Should I Wake by Yum@
Animalia Sequence by Leah
Annule 4: It's Never Too Late for a Happy Mail Call by Kenaf
Annunaki series by Michele
Another Song by Legion
Any Other Way by Brihana
Architects Of Fate by Jmas
As One by Harriet
As the AU Turns by danVers
As The Chevrons Turn by babs,deb a, devra, joag, kalee, oneofaradia
Awakenings by Brenda Anders and ELG
Away Mission by Sue Corkill
Back from the Well by Xanthe
Balcony Sessions by Leah
Bargaining Chip by JM McClure, Scribe and Gatejunkie
BBQ by Sel
Because by PhoenixE
Before DC by Telkena
Before Knowing Remembers by Rocketchick
Behind The Scenes by dietcokechic
Bell Curve, or, Ladies Night at the Boom Boom Room by Pru
Beneath The Roses by Julad
Best Laid Plans by sanssong
Between the Dark and the Daylight by Alli Snow
Bioluminescence by Tipper
Bits and Pieces by Pink Rabbit Productions
Bits and Pieces 8: The God King and I by Pink Rabbit Productions
Bits and Pieces by Pink Rabbit Productions
Blink of an Eye by PHO
Blood Moon by BadgerGater
Bonds by Denise
Boy, Interrupted by Mitch H
Bracelet, The by Gallagater
Brainstorming by Charli Booker and Gallagater
Breaking The Code by Lady Grey
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do by Amireal
Bright Chains by Destina Fortunato
Bushido by Lembas7
Butterfly Effect by chaps1870
Cabin Fever by Denise
Camper! Series by Neuropsych
Care Packages by auburn_and_eretria
Cartography by Touch by Pru
Cascading Events by Dangermouse
Centre of Attention by Denise
Changes by Vicky Ocean
Changing of the Guard by Ecolea
Character by shiny_silver_grl
Chemistry Cubed by Blaze
Chicanery by Kalimyre
Chocolate Kisses by Alli Snow
Choiceless by Suz
Choices by Corine
Choose Your Battles by Brionhet
Christmas Flame by Sally Reeve
Christmas Is All In The Heart by Hail Dorothy
Ciphers by Destina Fortunato
Circles by Aeryn
Clarke's Law by Isis
Cloth Ties by Tenaya
Clutching Straws by SelDear
Cold Coffee by Raven
Colors (series) by Badgergater
Come Fly With Me by SG1-Fanfic
Come Home To Me by Pough
Coming Apart At The Seams by Pink Rabbit Productions
Coming Out by Dangermouse
Commanding Daniel: A Rebuttal by Biblio and PhoenixE
Complete Control by Vanessa Nichols
Compromising Positions: A Very Sticky Situation by Kate_McCaye
Confront Your Fears by Salieri
Confusion Of Truth by Carrie
Conquering Need by PhoenixE
Cosecant by Domenika_Marzione
Cost of Living by Doc
Coterie by JoaG
Counterbalance by Sally Reeve
Counterpoint by Alyse
Creation Myth by Corby
Crossing The Line by Sally Reeve
Daddy's Little Girl by splash_the_cat
Dammit, Daniel by Jmas
Dancing in the Dark by Pepe
Daniel Jackson Unbound by Courser
Danny Day Care by Kate_McCaye
Daring by Blaze
Dark Star by Rocket Chick
Darkness Is Upon Us by Mick
Death And Taxes by dietcokechic
Death Shall Have No Dominion by Tivester
Delivery by HC-56
Desert Son by Roxie
Dinner with Janet by Sideburns
Dirty Irrationality by Venom_69
Disconnected Series by Brionhet
Discoveries and Experiments by Sid
Discretion by The_Grrrl
Diversion by Biblio
Doctor's Orders by Xanthe
Dolce Vita by aj2245
Don't Ask by delphia
Don't Think of an Elephant by Alli Snow
Doppelganger (series) by PhoenixE
Double Discovery by Sally Reeve
Dr. Jackson's Diary (WIP) by Anais
Dream Of Minnesota by Devra & JoaG
Dreams, Fantasies and the Unforgettable Reality by Adi & Denise
Dress Blues by Sue Corkill
Echoes of Autumn by Moonshayde
Egyptian Erotica: Another Ten Months by Orrymain
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik by Crash
Elvis Has Left the Building by Salieri
Emotions-Regret by Chiroho
Encounters by Shayz
Espirit de Corps by Tenaya
Everyday by Rowan Darkstar
Everything by Pink Rabbit Productions
Evolution Series by Denise
Exclamations Series by Su Freund
Exigencies by Rivier
Failure to Communicate by Tipper
Fall to Heaven by Sideburns
Falling Through Grace by Bren Ren
Falls the Shadow by Graculus
Festivities by The Grrrl
Fidelity by Biblio
Finding Home by Charli Booker
Fire and Ice by ELG
Fire by Biltong
First Prime by Geonn Cannon
Five Men Who Never Wanted Teyla Emmagen by tielan
Five weeks by Maureen_Thayer
Fix by MegTDJ
Flicker and Spark by Rowan_Darkstar
flyboy_fanfic by Biblio
Flying Low at Night by cofax
Footprints by tejas
For Cryin' Out Loud by Magicsunbeam
For God and Country by Doc
Forced Perspectives by Tenaya
Forgetting by Vanessa Nichols
Fountain of Youth series by iiieyes
Fountains with Lights by Doxymom
Four for the Price of Children by Travelling_One
Four Fours by Keiko Kirin
Fragile Balance by SelDear and Denise
Fragments by Moonshayde
Freedom's Just Another Word by Meriem_Clayton
Freedom's Just Another Word For Nothing Left To Lose by Synecdochic
From the Ashes by Alli Snow
From the Ashes by Sam Walker
Frozen Flame by Suzie Bagley
Future Imperfect by Sally Reeve
Game On by Melyanna
Garden Series 3: The Garden Of Stone by Lady Grey
Geek Protocol by Koschka
Geeks And Goons by Koschka
General Jack Series: Year Two by Flatkatsi
General Necessity by Charli Booker
Ghosts of Christmas by Jmas
Go And Catch A Falling Star by Doc
Go Towards The Light by Ruralstar
Going Up? by Sue Corkill
Gone Fishin' by boyd
Goodbye To Dreams by Babs and Devra
Goonus Americanus by Koschka
Gossip, Rumours and Why I Shouldn't Do It, By John Sheppard Aged 38 1/2 by Alyson
Hand In Hand by JMas_and_Jb
Hanging By A Thread by Jb
Hapless, Helpless, Hopeless by AC
Happenstance by Layton Colt
Heartless by Denise
Heightened Sensations by Gail R. Delaney?
Hell Hath No Fury by Denise
Hell, Revisited by ShooteM (Jodi Marie)
Heracles Rising by Roxie
Here Among The Living by Charli Booker
Heroes by Sue Corkill
Hidden Malice by DebA
His and Hers by Blue Topaz
Holiday Home by Dangermouse
Home by snoopygirll
Homefires by Pink Rabbit Productions
Hook by Kalimyre
Hostage Situation by SelDear
How Not To Be In Love With Your Commanding Officer (In Ten Easy Steps) By Major Samantha Carter by Foxcat
Hypothetically Speaking / Re-testing the Hypothesis by Shane_Vansen
I Am The Very Model of a Modern Major General by Jantique
I Don't Know You Anymore...But I Do by Dizzy
I Know Some ... People by Jmas
I Lay Alone In The Dark by Michelle Davison
I Never by Xochiquetzl and Dionysus
I Used To Dream by Devra
Ice Storm by JoaG
I'll Be Your Friend by CelticAngel
Impact by Harriet
In Our Own Backyard by Jennifer Lyon
In Retrospect by Charli Booker
In Sickness and in Health by Jackie W
In That Sleep Of Death What Dreams May Come? by Salieri
In the Days of Monarchs by CelticAngel
In the Depths of Silence by Jb
In the Line of Duty by A. Magiluna Stormwriter (aka AJ Stormwriter)
In The Name Of Science by PHO
Into the Labyrinth by ELG
Into The Light by The Grrrl
Inquisition by Flatkatsi
Isomeric by Jennghis_Kahn
It Happened One Night At Quinn's by Quinn
It's All in Your Mind by Denise
It's Never Too Late For A Happy Childhood by D. Kelley
It's Raining ... Kids? by Orrymain
It's Raining Men! by SelDear
Jack Lives Here by Hellblazer
Jack O'Neill and the Fork of Fate by Suz
Jack's Loop Off by Corine
Jack's Son by LRH_Balzer
Jacob Carter Knows Everything by Jojo
Jake Carter, The Very Model of a Modern Major Gen by selmak
John Sheppard's Reasons Why (Not) by Alli_Snow
Junior to the Rescue! by Junior
Just Two Words by Carron
Keeping It Real by TheGrrrl
Kissing Sam Carter by Rysler
Knife's Edge of Madness by Strix_Varia
La Dolce Vita by Widget
Ladies Man by Cathain Nottingham
Laying Open by The Grrrl
Leap of Faith by babs
Learning Experience by Graculus
Learning To Fall by Julie Fortune
Left Out by Telkena
Legacy by Katerina17
Legion the Things I Would Give to Oblivion by Auburn
Letting Go by Wendy Parkinson and Sue Corkill
Liaisons by Alli_Snow
Lifeline by Suz
Like Steve McQueen by Mo Phillips
Living on the Edge by babs
Local Customs by Miera
Long, Strange Trip (slash version) by Mice
Loose Threads by Carron
Lost Horizons by Travelling One
Lost in Translation by Lady_Grey
Lo'tar by Celievamp
Love Leaves A Memory by Devra
Lovely by Martha
Loyalty's Betrayal by Denise
Mac For The Defense by Geonn
Medical Considerations Series by OzKaren
Meeting Mr Teal'c by Geonn
Midwinter by Jenn
Milk Run by Badgergater
Mind Fever by MegTDJ
Miracles In Bloom by Devra
Mirror Mirror by Seldear
Miss Independent by Amy
Missing You by Trancer
Mission Impossible by Dangermouse
Moments Sacred and Profane (Series) by mice
Moments Sacred and Profane 3: League Play by mice
Moments: Taps by Gail Delaney
Monkey Sex Series by Su Freund
More Then Time by Elizabeth Carter
Moving On by Sally Reeve
Multitasking by Valeria
My Country 'Tis of Thee by Sideburns

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