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Previous Award Winners
Any past Stargate Fan Awards winner (2001 - present) is ineligible. The only exception is for any Team Choice Awards winners. This honor is given by the award team members and not by an open vote, so it may be entered if it meets all other eligibility requirements.

Previous Year's Honorable Mention Award Winners
Works receiving an Honorable Mention award in the previous award year (2007) are ineligible. Honorable Mention award winners prior to 2007 are accepted if they meet all of the other eligibility requirements.

Works in Progress
Unfinished stories can no longer be nominated in the awards. Stories from an unfinished series can be nominated, but only if the story itself can be read as a stand-alone. However, keep in mind that if one part of an unfinished series wins an award, the entire series is no longer eligible to be nominated in any other categories or award years, regardless of its completion.

Real People Fiction (RPF)
Stories featuring real people are not allowed, with the following two exceptions:

  • Stories featuring "net personas" of other fans are allowed, provided the story is not offensive to the person concerned and provided his or her name has been used with permission.

  • Stories featuring public figures in a minor role will be permitted, provided the person concerned is treated with respect by the author, and provided the real person's role in the story is consistent with real life. For example, if a member of SG-1 were to meet with a US President in a story, it is acceptable to use a real President in that context, provided all due respect is given.

Under no circumstances will stories featuring real people in a romantic or sexual context be permitted in the Awards.

  • Please note that references to real people are not covered by this rule. For example, if two characters are having a conversation about movies, naming real actors within that conversation doesn't make the story RPF. If one of them actually meets an actor in the story, that's a RPF by the team's definition and is, therefore, ineligible.

Real People Multimedia Works

It is our policy to respect the actors’ privacy. No multimedia incorporating or based on photographs or videos of the actors going about their daily lives will be permitted in ANY category, whether general or romantic.  

The emphasis should be on the Stargate characters, and what goes into creating them, not the actors themselves.

Multimedia works of a general nature may include behind-the-scenes footage provided it has been publicly aired (or is available on DVD), or Stargate-related public appearances.

Multimedia works depicting sexual or romantic situations must be made ONLY using (or manipulated from) screen captures or studio promotional photos of the characters. Any artwork (whether still or video) created from shots of the actors other than when they are "in character" will be disqualified. This includes, but is not limited to, public appearances such as conventions or awards ceremonies, and behind-the-scenes footage.

No original footage created without permission (for example, from a convention where filming is not allowed) will be permitted in any multimedia works, regardless of their nature.

The Stargate Fan Awards are intended for amateur fan writers and artists. Although we realize that professionals are also fans, professionals have other avenues for receiving recognition for their works. We ask that you do NOT participate in these awards if you meet the criteria below:

  1. You sell your works under a licensing agreement or through an authorized publishing agency, and

  2. You have published works within the Stargate genre.
For example:

If you sell your own works via internet download, you probably don't have an MGM licensing agreement, so you may participate in the awards. We aren't condoning the lack of licensing; we're just acknowledging amateur status. You may also participate if you've published in fanzines.

If you have published works through Fandemonium or other publishers, or your graphic artwork has been used as cover art for licensed DVDs, we ask that you don't participate.

Works Hosted on a Non-Public Web Site
Stories can be nominated only if they are on a publicly accessible website. Stories archived in areas where a membership or login is required to view the story cannot be nominated in the Awards. For example:

  • Mailing list archives

  • Friends-locked live journal entries

  • Discussion boards viewable to registered members only

  • Archives that require registration to view some or all of the posted fiction.

The above is not intended to be an exhaustive list. Basically, if you cannot supply a direct link to the story that will work for everyone, it's not "on the web" by the Awards definition.

Works by Banned Authors or Artists
Authors or artists are banned from participating in the awards for a variety of reasons. Please refer to this document for details on what offenses can lead to being permanently banned from the awards. For obvious reasons, banned authors' or artists' names are confidential.

Works by Non-Participating Authors or Artists
Non-participating authors or artists have personally requested that we remove their works from any award competition. These authors' or artists' names are confidential.

Non-English Works
Works must be in English, as it wouldn't be fair for a non-English work to be judged by mostly English-speaking fans. Although non-English works cannot be nominated, non-English web site links are welcome and we will gladly exchange banners with you.

Works Hosted on Non-English Language Web Sites
Beginning in 2004, any and all fan works nominated for Additional Awards must be posted on English language websites. No website written in languages other than English will be considered for Awards. None of the Team has been fluent enough in the languages concerned to discuss the rules with those responsible. By allowing only English language sites to participate in the Awards, we will be able to assume that all who participate are capable of reading and understanding the rules as posted on this site. We apologize to the fans that will be affected by this decision.

Please upgrade to IE7
We don't intend to make the site compatible with IE6 since the issues are resolved with IE7.  Thanks for your understanding.


Please Help
Please help keep the Awards running. All funds are used for web site design, operation, and maintenance.

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Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis are the property of MGM, Gekko and lots of other folks who aren't us. We have no connection whatsoever with the writers and producers of the show. This awards scheme is 100% unofficial and not-for-profit.

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