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Friday 23 May 2008

2007 Banners Posted!

Banners are Posted!

Get your winners' banners at http://www.stargatefanawards.com/main/th/sgfa/banners.php or by clicking the "2007 Banners" link on the navigation bar on this page.

Special Note:
The banner page may be slow loading the first time you call it up. That's because all of the images are hidden on that page and there are a LOT of them! Once they load up, though, clicking on the various links to make them "appear" will be very fast since the image is really already there, just hidden.

If you have a slow connection and would like your banner emailed to you instead, please contact us at -email- and we'll be happy to send it along to you. Please include your penname, the award category, and title of your winning work.

The only banners that we don't have at present are the Team Choice Awards. We plan to have these included shortly. Please let us know if you find an incorrect banner. We've done our best to check for mistakes but these things happen.

If a banner indicates a winner that differs from the winner's list, the correct winner is the one listed under "2007 Winners", always. We apologize in advance for this unlikely event and will correct the banner once we are notified of an issue. Many, many thanks to our team members that created, designed, and edited these lovely banners! Even if you didn't participate or win, you should at least have a look at the banners. They're outstanding!

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