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Friday 10 July 2009

Some misplaced nominations

I'm glad that I added the 'report this nomination' and 'report broken links' contact form links alongside each nominated work this year.  You guys are sure giving those forms a workout!  amazed.png

Rest assured, we are reviewing and making adjustments as necessary but please be patient.  We need to check each nomination reported before making any category changes or deletions to ensure we do the right thing.

We have been notified that there are several nominations in SG-1 'gen' that are incorrectly placed there since their content involves sexual situations which is expressly prohibited in our gen categories.  We will make any necessary movements and contact the nominee about the change as quickly as possible.  It is truly in the best interest of the nominee that their works are moved to ship (or other) categories as appropriate. 

If your nomination is moved, any votes already placed for it will stay with the nomination.

My apologies for being a little delayed on responding to these requests.  I've just had a medical procedure on my back which is giving me a lot of pain at the moment.  No, I'm not looking for sympathy (although I will take any offered shy.png) but, since I'm the only team member who can make some of these adjustments, it explains why they're a bit slow in coming.


Saturday 04 July 2009

Fixed dark blue background, other things

Well, as usual, we've had a few opening gremlins and 'I didn't know THAT would happen' issues which is typical of any project startup.

I've addressed the 'dark blue background' issue by simply removing a 'fix' that I had included previously to prevent the "white flashes" seen when using Internet Explorer. I think it's a minimal annoyance compared to not being able to view a nomination so we're back to the flashes confused.png.

This change also corrects your ability to see the radio button when you click it to select a nomination. If you are getting a 'blank' confirmation after you click "Vote Now" beside a nomination, make sure that you click the radio button in front of the work for which you want to vote.

I had to disable the 'view votes' function, unfortunately, because it wasn't always displaying accurately. I'm working on this issue now and hope to be able to enable it sometime tomorrow.

Remember, if you are a nominee, you can view your nominations' final placements by logging into your nominee account (-nom) and clicking "Nominated Works" in the left column. We made every effort to use your first or second category choices but, sometimes, we aren't able to for various reasons.  We apologize.

I want to thank my awesome team for jumping in and just...well, handling things! You guys are great! tongue.png


Thursday 02 July 2009

Voting is Open!

Voting is now open for the Stargate Fan Awards. You can vote for your favorites until July 31st, 2009.
As in the past, anyone can view the nominated works, however, in order to vote, you must create an account and log in. You can register for an account here    http://www.sg-awards.com/signup.php Please rest assured that we will not divulge your email address to anyone. We adhere to a strict privacy policy

NOTE:  If you had an account last year or you nominated this year, you can simply login with the username and password that you created at that time.  If you can't remember your account information, that's no problem.  Just re-register.  But, please, only vote from ONE account.  Votes cast from multiple accounts by the same individual will all be deleted.

Your account will keep track of your votes. You may log in at any time to see in what categories and for whom you have voted. Not only that but, should you change your mind, you can modify your votes as many times as you wish up until the closing date of July 31, 2009.

For Nominees:  You already have an account with your username-nom.  Login to this account to view your nominations and the categories in which they were listed.  We tried to use either your first or second choice categories but, in some cases, we moved works to optimize our categories.  If you are unhappy with the final placement, please contact us and we'll remove it. W
e have a special icon that you can place next to your nominated work(s) on any website to let folks know that you are nominated for an award. We will have these icons available within the next few days.

This year, we have nearly 2000 nominations, embracing the SG-1 and Atlantis fandoms and encompassing both fan fiction and multimedia. So, if you're ready to settle down to read fan fiction, view fan art, or sit back and watch fan music videos, then go right ahead   And don't forget to vote for your faves! 

We wish to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of you for your ongoing patience and support. As always, it's been quite a learning curve for all of the team.
Best of luck to the nominees and happy voting!
The Stargate Fan Awards Team

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