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Thursday 30 August 2007

Letter to authors and artists about placement

Hello authors and artists!

Again, congratulations on your nomination(s) for the Stargate Fan Awards!

We've noticed that there may be some confusion about placing nominations and thought we'd send out one more notice before nomination placement closes on September 3rd.

Please review your placements ( http://www.stargate fanawards. com/2007 ) and be sure to check the following:

1) correct url- no index linking - link directly to the nominated work

2) correct placement - only ONE nomination per subcategory (be sure to keep looking in the drop down until you get to the lowest subcategory! )

3) correct number of nominations - maximum number of TEN allowed, total, throughout the awards

4) series - individual stories within a series may be placed separately as long as they can stand alone (the reader doesn't need to read the previous or following stories) - the entire series may be placed as long as either the series itself was nominated OR every individual story within the series was nominated. You can't add non-nominated stories in just to complete the series. If only one or two stories within the series is nominated, you can place them in an appropriate category as long as they can stand alone - the Best Series award is not being offered this year - nominated series should be placed into an appropriate category (i.e., drama or action/adventure)

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact the
awards team.

Fan Fiction: fanfiction@stargate fanawards. com
Multimedia: multimedia@stargate fanawards. com
Technical: web@stargatefanawar

Thanks and best of luck in the Awards!

Wednesday 22 August 2007

Extension for Nominees

We're extending the deadline for nominees to place their nominations until midnight CDT, September 3, 2007. We are still contacting a few nominees due to issues with emailing and finding correct email addresses. We want to give everyone that was nominated a chance to participate!

The new deadline for Nominees is one week later than the original date.

Thursday 16 August 2007

Why am I getting so many emails (or none)?

Sorry, folks, but we've been having trouble sending out the nominee letters. Seems the world of spam blocking these days goes a bit overboard, rightfully so. Luckily, I have a few tricks up my sleeve so I'm going for the hat trick today wink.png .

Many of you are getting every letter that I've sent! Sorry about that. You may still get yet another one dodge.png . Why? Because lots of folks haven't even received a letter yet. Maybe their spam blocking is better than yours. Who knows?

So, in my attempts to reach everyone that has been nominated, some of you will have to put up with duplicate emails. Sorry. Just ignore all but the first one that you get. If you have placed your nominations or changed your password and then you get another email, don't worry. All of your changes have been saved, even the password. Keep logging in with the password that you edited.

Every year it's something, huh? Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Kelly (aka TheOneRing)

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