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Monday 24 November 2008

Register to Nominate or Vote

Don’t forget to sign up for an account! You will need to be registered as an account holder in order to submit nominations and vote. It’s easy! If you remember your old login from last year, try it again; your old account is still there waiting for you. No need to re-register this year. Contact us if you’ve forgotten.

You must have an account to nominate or vote in the awards but everyone is welcome to read the nominations, winners, and archives…no account necessary.

Nominations are Open for 2008!

The Stargate Fan Awards is accepting nominations now through December 31, 2008.

Why so late, you might ask? Well, we’ve changed the timing of the awards so that we begin accepting nominations towards the end of each year. This way, all works created during the awards’ year are eligible to participate. So, please help us recognize the best authors, artists, and vidders by nominating your favorite works from the Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis fandoms.

Please note that we’ve changed servers and websites this year! It was a huge undertaking and we’ve still got a few things to work out so you may see some design activity.  Also, we are updating the awards documentation but we didn't want to hold up accepting nominations so please be aware that some of our rules and procedures will be changing, however, the changes won't affect the nomination process.

Sunday 19 October 2008

Ike is not a Stargate fan!

We were just about ready to open for noms for the 2008 Stargate Fan Awards and Hurricane Ike surged ahead.   Our fearless leader was in the path of the storm and whereas she evacuated in plenty of time, she suffered the loss of electricity and internet connection.   So we're waiting for power to be restored and then we'll be moving forward.  So wait just a little bit longer and we'll let you know when we're good to go!

Thanks for your patience! 

The Awards Team.

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