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Sunday 25 January 2009

Weir's Back

Thanks for the fans who pointed out that we were remiss in including Elizabeth Weir in our banner.  Since we had two Carters, the easiest fix was to replace the Carter in the Stargate Atlantis ring with Elizabeth.  We hope that's suitable for all!

What's Up?

Hi everyone,

We're in between major activities at the moment so please bear with us.  Here's what's currently going on behind the scenes.


We're rounding up all interested volunteers to help us with this year's awards.  We had an incredible number of applicants this year!  Thanks to everyone who submitted an application to the team! 

If anyone else is still interested in helping, you have until midnight (CST) today (January 25) to get your application to us.  Just email us -email- and we'll send you one.  It'll take between 10-20 minutes to complete.

We're currently reviewing all of our applicants and it's going to be a really hard decision!  Unfortunately, we may not be able to use everyone but we're trying to find some way for each applicant to participate.  We'll contact all applicants by January 31, 2009!

Preparing to Contact Nominees

We're making a preliminary run through all of the nominations (1891!), eliminating any ineligibles and such.  Our webmaster is coding (once again!) to prepare our database so the nominees can place their works.  She's hoping to get it to work with this website and avoid much of the confusion from last year!  Keep your fingers crossed grin.png

Looks like we have another week or two before we notify nominees.  Our target date is February 1st but that's not completely solid.  We'll keep you informed.  Thanks for your patience.

While You Wait

Please feel free to visit our archives, read past nominees and winners' works, watch a few music videos, and enjoy some great fan artwork.

Soon, we'll start posting some quicky polls on the site so keep coming back to look for new stuff!

Friday 02 January 2009

Nomination Period Extended

Stargate Fan Awards - Last Call
extended through January 10, 2009

Don't forget to nominate your favorite Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis fan works for 2008!  Time is running out!  We've extended our call for nominations by one week and will accept nominations until midnight (CST) on Saturday, January 10, 2009. 

We are accepting all types of fan fiction, including crossovers where Stargate plot lines are predominant, gen, ship, slash, Tok'Ra, Wraith, Ori, and everything in between!  If you like it, submit it!  We'll work out award categories based on the types of nominations that we receive.

And don't forget those wonderful music videos, icons, banners, wallpapers, manipulations, graphic and hand drawn artwork!  If it's within the Stargate fandom/universe, we'll accept it!  We must have at least five works to make up a category so nominate, nominate, nominate!

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