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Tuesday 07 April 2009

Website and Email Issues Today

You may have noticed the website was down today.  If you recently tried to contact the team, our emails bounced. 

Why?  Our webmaster forgot to pay the light bill...oops! amazed.png

She found an un-maxxed credit card, though, so we're back in business shades.png

If you tried to contact us today or yesterday and haven't received a response, please resend your message.  Also, if anyone hasn't received a response to a submitted issue, please recontact us since we may have lost some email during this debacle.

Kelly  (stingy webmaster)

Sunday 29 March 2009

Nominee Passwords

To our Nominees: In order to update accounts, we have had to reset a number of the nominees' passwords back to default.

If you have changed your password and now find yourself unable to access your account, simply try the original password you were given instead. That should get you in. Any problems, please don't hesitate to contact the team.

Note: This is relevent ONLY for placing and amending nominations. It does not affect any usernames other than those ending -nom.

Wednesday 18 March 2009

Problems with Placing Nominations Resolved

The team has been contacted by some authors and artists having difficulties placing their nominations

Known issues and most common problems:

Resolved 1. You must keep the username and display name exactly as the team has assigned it to you. If either gets changed, the link to your nominations is broken. Don't worry - this was an account that was created solely for placing your nominations and is not linked to your regular voting account.

Resolved 2. Nominations cannot be deleted for the moment. The red X (delete button) isn't working. The team is working on this. However, if you don't assign a category to a nomination, it will in any event be deleted automatically, so you need not take any further action in respect of the nominations you don't want.

If you're experiencing any other problems please don't hesitate to contact the team.

Thanks and again, congrats onyour nomination(s)!

The Stargate Fan Awards Team

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